TEDx Bucharest 2012 : Aurora Simionescu

Aurora Simionescu – Astrophysicist

Aurora, what a suitable name for a Astrophysicist.  Predestined for her remarkable work ? Aurora took the stage with passion, optimism and wisdom. She looked like the girl next door, short, thin, but she grew on a stage and completely owned and loved the scene ! She smiled, she was enthusiastic and she had the audience focused, which was great, having in mind she was the last speaker of the day and the time was around 6pm. Very often scientists fail in transmitting their data into a language which is understandable for the big mass. Aurora didn’t. She succeeded.

What stayed with me when I went back home is this.

Aurora explained how she was looking at the galaxies and what she could actually SEE in the great, big Universe.

For a long time this was her focus. However, magic happened when she started to look at what she couldn’t see. The black spots. With no evident stars or galaxies.

  • What is there in the spaces that we can’t see at first sight ?
  • What is there under  those gaps that seems empty?

I translated it as : try to broaden the horizon when looking at challenges. What is it that I don’t see ? What is needed ?

Her speech pushed me to  ”think again” or ”look again”.

One thought on “TEDx Bucharest 2012 : Aurora Simionescu

  1. Thanks for all this detailed summary. Let’s hope that next year the ‘Best speakers’section will have much more names..

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