TEDx Bucharest 2012 : Krishan George

Krishan George, picture from the TEDx Bucharest 2012 Facebook page.

You find Krishan in Rupea, near Brasov, where he has a buffalo farm. In 2005 he broke off from his corporate life and set up his life in Romania instead. He said that creativity is exactly that. Break patterns.    His way of communication was calm, warm, strong and with a clear mission. To inspire us to eat natural and, in general, lead a natural lifestyle.  There was one phrase that made a special impact on me with regards to natural living.

 ”We humans have become arrogant. We have thrown away thousands of years of experience and traditions in the path of efficiency and convenience.”

The food conventions ”take care of our food now”  and globalization has had a negative impact on the quality of our food. E-numbers and additives overflow the things we eat.

It is true.

Just think about it.

Now there is a special name for real , natural food : it’s called organic.

When looking at Krishan he seems to be in his late 30ties or early 40ties, however when he started to talk about the 60ties and 70 ties  I began to wonder how old he really is. What I want to make a point out of this is  : he was radiating vitality and health. He seemed to walk his talk!   Why I liked him was because he had a calm leadership style that brought us all to stop and reflect. He was not a man of big , eccentric movements, but very down to earth and very dedicated in what he did. The words he choose were words with meaning. It is this dedication that I admire in him. Against the odds he does the things he believes in and he does it well.

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