TEDx Bucharest 2012. The Bucharest Lounge was there : THE VENUE

TEDx Bucharest 2012 – The venue

Friday the 16th I attended the TEDx Bucharest 2012 event at the Palace of the Parliament. There are many impressions to share.

This post is about the venue itself, The Palace of the Parliament or Casa Poporului, the Peoples’ House, is the worlds’ second largest civilian building.

I have two words to say about this place: Oppressive and impressive. Oppressive because you can feel the oppression that the President had on its’ people, the Romanians , when creating a place like this. Impressive because the place is enormous and when coming inside the palace I’ve seldom seen such grandeur.

I went from Piata Romana and I arrived at Piatia Unirii metro station. Went off and came out by the department store Stradivarius. I walked from Unirii to the Palace of the Parliament.

The Palace today hosts the Romanian Parliament, as the name says. Personally, I think there is something very ”un-zen” about it! It’s like spirit of C’s is climbing the walls and todays’ politicians did not manage to break out of that .

When walking from Unirii up to the palace the palace builds up in front of my eyes. I slowly come closer and the palace really ”gets in my face” in a very direct way. It’s huge. If you walk around it will take you approximately 15- 20 minutes. I love the long boulevard that goes from the palace all the way down to Piata Iulia Alba. I had the best half-marathon running memories from running the full boulevard in October.

Friday was a crisp, sunny morning and I was thinking that the palace would be a great place for feature photography or fashion photography. Its´ classical design gives opportunities for many great photo occasions. When standing at the entrance C and look out you can see how the boulevard below just opens up. Looks absolutely beautiful. I have to leave my biased feelings inside me, and enjoy the beauty of it ! Let’s go inside !

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