People who Inspire : Andreea & George Ogararu

In February and June a friend of mine and I did, with the help of many,  a collection of donations for a Children’s Camp in Valea Screzii here in Romania. We call the initiative ONE ITEM.

In connection with ONE ITEM we crossed  roads with Romanian football player George Ogararu and his wife Andreea. They are involved with the same Children’s Camp and they are managing the Foundation Provita,  which works in favour for, and supports  the camp.

My first impression of the two of them, from only talking on the phone and sending emails was something pure and kind!

-When we met up, last week, here in Bucharest, my impression was only strengthened.  These two people are definitely the sort of role models I ‘m  looking for, in my quest, the Bucharest Lounge quest,  to share stories about people doing great things for a better Romania !

George and Andreea have four children of their own, they lived abroad for 6 years and are now back in Romania since summer. Andreea looks amazing, she is one of  those people who radiates from inside. She doesn’t need a light to shine or her. She shines herself. George is friendly, inclusive and have great presence.

– Romania is my home, says Andreea. We have been abroad and seen so much. Romania has it all.

Both of them gives a very solid, thoughtful and inspirational impression.

I let them know that I just look at them and just see two people being like two lights in Romania. Maybe a bit poetic, but that ‘s how I saw it.  George answers  in a very natural and positive  way :

-All places have challenges. We do what we can do.

Both George and Andreea have a self-evident approach to do good.

We talk abut Father Tanase , who is the founder of the Children’s Camp in Valea Screzii and how he is a vey special man.

Andreea says with a smile :

– I came to the camp, when I was studying Communication at the University. I was doing a project and thinking I would come with some new knowledge directly from the University.  However, Father Tanase knew it all about communication already !

She continues :

– This man can say three words, and each word has meaning.

It’s true. Father Tanase has an amazing presence. He looks directly into your eyes and he sees you. In the fast paced wold we live in few people today has that ability. So only for this I admire him. He goes slow. He goes real. Father Tanase has a charisma as few. An inviting smile.

Most importantly : he has helped childen, teenagers, women and old people for over 20 years now .

And continues to do so.

He  doesn’t just talk. He acts.

Andreea and George have many ideas on how to build up and strengthen the programme for the children at the camp. I will be following their work with great interest and my friend and I  will also continue supporting the camp, with the help of our community.

Thanks for meeting up with us and keep up the great work you do !


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