Sunday Market




Sunday, autumn  market outside  the Muzeul Taranului Roman

I would have loved to be a market lady, selling my home made products! I simply and purely love markets!

The first thing that met us today was the amazing, autumn smell from when someone is grilling chest nuts, kastanj. With a small bag of chest nuts in our hands we cruised the antiques and then headed towards the handicrafts and home made foods.

I was looking for a unique gift for my mum and Elena, at home. I can’t tell you what I found ! HA !

The smell from chicken pastrami and mici met us as we entered the food- and handicraft -court. – Oh, I wish I could transmit that smell. MMMMmmmm.

Something that always draws my attention are the white blouses, the dresses and colourful scarfs that the ladies make by hand. They are amazing. What a job. No quick fix. Slow. I like that .  I like to see those people doing things slowly, according to traditions.



I’m thinking of the word culture. It means ” to cultivate”. It means to transmit your knowledge from one generation to the other. That makes us human. To share knowledge.

It can be handicraft, It can be values. It can be anything we want to give to the next generation. I ’m acting  a lot on thisas I am the mother of two young children.- What are the things I want to give to my kids ?  What are the things I want to cultivate.

Back to the market.

Here are some pictures from a pleasant autumn day.











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