A Message from an Ex-patriated Romanian in Thailand : Brad Florescu


This week a friend discovered the blog Tedoo and showed it to me. It was written by an expatriated Romanian man now living in Thailand.   There was one blog post that captured my interest especially and I became curious of the Travel Journalist who started the blog : Brad Florescu. Brad wrote in his blog very insightful about how he looked at Romania and Romanian lifestyle right now. In general, a very sharp guy with the humour I love. Intelligent and, as he described Romanian humour, sometimes absurd.

I was asking him the same question as I ask everyone I meet here.

” What is the Romania you see outside your window today” and he goes :

”Thailand”. Jokingly.

The Bucharest Lounge  wants to hear different voices from Romania to describe the Romania they see in 2012, and I also ask why it is ”like that”.

The ”Like that ” – answer differs of course  from person to person. The beauty of it all.  The ”truth” from many different perspectives. Different people , different answers.

Today I heard an answer I didn’t hear from a Romanian so far. However it is an answer I lived by and believed in ever since my parents took me abroad , to a warm, sunny country, as an 8-year-old.

Brad talked about the climate and its effect on people.

More specifically it’s effect on shaping the Romanians.

”We are farmers, peasants, we have worked the soil for a long time”, he says.

”We have all we need in Romania especially with regards to food,” .

I agree , Romania has all it needs due to the pleasant climate and the abundance of sunshine.

It makes the soil fertile.

Romania has fertile soil.

He continues : ” In cold countries like yours you have to work hard , because it’s cold, life is hard  and you need to work more to make things happen ” . ” That’s why all the so-called -ism’s are created in countries like yours. Capitalism, Communism ”

Brad says: ” Us Romanians, we just want to be left alone” .

He continues with a smile : ” We just want to enjoy ourselves. Look at how Romanians party!  We know how to enjoy ourselves, in a good way. ”

”When trying to force something upon us that is not true about us it doesn’t work”, he says. ”That’s why you see the problems showing up in society.”

I tell Brad I think of Montesquieu, and his teaching about how climate affects us human beings.

He says : Romanians use their intuition and they live for the day. In northern Europe you use your mind too much. ” Here in Thailand,for example,  people point at their heart when they talk about thinking”.

I so agree with Brad. I believe we analyse things too much in the western world in general.

We want to be sure. We want a strength-and-weaknesses analysis before buying a certain milk. We want to be reasonable and certain. We want perfection. We produced highly efficient societies by being reasonable and analytical, however, we lost something on the way.

Heart connection, intuition, the human touch, as my Romanian friend in Bucharest, puts it so well.

Ok, yes, I ’m generalizing.

-However, no smoke without a fire, right ?

I’m also curious to hear what Brad has to say about the potential about tourism in Romania, as he is working with tourism in Thailand now.

He mentions agricultural tourism as in people visiting farms and exploring real, natural ways of living, close to nature. He mentions the high-end tourism as in art. The creative scene in Romania is very active. He also mention tourism with regards to culture. Romania  has old traditions that are still kept. There are villages where life stood still for 200 years. Where ways of living can contribute to our modern societies with regards to life skills and slow motion, taking the time to enjoy life.

Brad, you have a zest like a glass of FRESH de portocale !!!

Thanks for taking the time and Skype with me.

I appreciated it.


2 thoughts on “A Message from an Ex-patriated Romanian in Thailand : Brad Florescu

  1. Romania should hire Brad to lead their country branding efforts.

    I don’t know Brad personally but I love the ‘fresh de portocale’ analogy. He does seem like that.

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