Voices from Bucharest


Voices from Bucharest 

For the last two weeks I met up with quite a few interesting people who all had their sayings about Romania today. All in my quest trying to understand the Romania, today 2012. It all helps when writing the book of which last part is about new Romania, new Europe.

I met up with, for example : the other fellow Scandinavian, the travel blogger, the woman who managed to get over 320 000 FB-followers on a page that promotes Romania through pictures,  the expatriated blogger in Thailand, the Romanian mover-and-shaker  who has a special drive to make Romania a better place.

I also went to the Internations monthly meet up , together with Violeta Jeremie, my Romanian teacher and Isabela Man, scientist who follows the Bucharest Lounge blog.

I met Alex, who works at the European Institute here in Bucharest. Alex moved to Canada as a young boy with his parents, but is now back in Romania. He is an example of recent history of Romania, I’d say. An example of the diaspora that took place from a country, still in a post-communism state. Not really knowing on which leg to stand on.  Trying to find a way to democracy.

The revolution took place 23 years ago. That is only one lifetime.  – Can a country recover from Communism within only one lifetime ?   Something is clear. Romania could use some good leadership. A new generation of leadership ? Romania was used to be led , and is trying to lead itself now. The result ? Fill it in yourself.

When meeting people I ask the same two questions :
– What is the Romania you see today all about ?  Why is it like that ?

I ask this in order to get a wider perspective on the Romania I see today 2012.

Trying to understand this place.

The meet up with Alex and his colleague from the European Institute also widen my horizons. Thank you, Alex !



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