Running in Bucharest

Friday evening I put the alarm clock on 7 am for Saturday morning.

-Why ? Because I was going to check out the Nike Running Club in Bucharest.  Magda Sauvica , from 273 Places You Have to See Before Leaving Romania told me about those meet ups and I was curious to check it out.

The members of the running club meet up every Saturday morning at the Herastrau Park and run the 7,4 km around the lake.

This Saturday was rainy and cold. But runners don’t care. We dress according to the weather.

When arriving at the Park everyone is registered and the new comers get a yellow armband. It doesn’t cost anything to go.

Herastrau is a lovely park. I can only imagine what it could be like on a sunny day.

Next Friday I need to put the alarm clock at 7am again for Saturday morning. I go again.

Picture is taken  the half -marathon the 7th. Outside the People’s Palace.

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