People who stands out. The founder of “Sunt roman, deci pot” is one of them.

There are people who stands out from the crowd.

There are people who has that special drive.

There are people who are born leaders.


The founder of Sunt roman, deci pot, is one of them.

The Bucharest Lounge  is on a “quest”  to meet up with People Who Inspire in Romania and  today I met with the founder of Sunt roman, deci pot, at Piata Unirii, central Bucharest , and we talked about Romania.

He is someone who wants to create positive change in Romania.

I say  positive. Not only change. Change isn’t necessarily positive all the time.

The Facebook page has nearly 12 800 followers. That is not too bad for a page that started only in February this year. There was obviously a need with a page like his if 12 800 people found and liked the place in only 8 months.


He is a  man with a strong will. Evidently born with this will, as his determination of wanting things to be “right” was an early trait in him. Already in school he challenged his teachers when there was injustice.

He is an intelligent guy. He knows his history and his politics.  He is verbal and eloquent. It’s evident that the true Romanian values are dear to him and he speaks with pure joy about wanting to go around Romania with a camera taking pictures and showing them to the world !

“Romania is like a treasure box ” , I say.


I hope we will see much more of Sunt roman, deci pot !

Keep up the great work!


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