Learning Romanian

I’m learning Romanian since two weeks back.

Actually, I ‘m learning Romanian since a year back, but only made a structure of it, having a teacher now teaching me the language since two weeks back.

I love languages and I strongly believe that when we learn a foreign language we also get “under the skin” of the culture. New doors open. This is a fact. I so want to learn Romanian! It ‘s a new challenge for me !

These are my impressions:

Romanian has a lot of vowels that makes the language flowing “like a river” , as  a friend said it so well.

Check out : “ceai” which means tea, or “copiii”, three i in a row.  “Copiii” means “children” in the articulated form.

The language sounded, in my ears, to start with, as a mix of Italian and Russian. Now, when I get more and more familiar with it, I think it resembles Portuguese. Romanian is a Latin based language, one which we don’t commonly hear in the west. We don’t have a predisposed opinion about it. So for a year, my ear has got used to listen to it.

It’s fascinating that Romanian is Latin-based, having in mind Romania is squeezed in, into Balkan. When getting to know the history of the country one realize the Romans played an important role in this country. Hence the Latin influence.

This adds to the fascination I have for Romania.

My teacher Violeta Ieremie, is the best teacher one could ask for. She runs her own language blog and she is a polyglot, passionate about languages. Stay tuned for an interview with her.

Bună seara ! 



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