Scandinavian Connection in Bucharest

Yesterday I met up with another Scandinavian in Bucharest.

Eleonore af Schaumburg-Lippe  who writes for Romanian Insider 

We met up at the Harbour Cafe at Piata Amzei and talked about being Scandinavian in Romania.

I became  curious about her and eager to meet up after reading her posts where she describes life in  Romanian through the lenses of a Dane. I don’t meet so many other Scandinavians in Bucharest . Actually there are not so many of us here. Around 450 at the total.  One can say that Romania is not on the common travel route for Scandinavians. Not for travel, study or work.

Eleonore has a bubbly, upbeat personality and I enjoy hearing her impressions from having lived here for awhile now.

We came to talk about relationships between men and women and between friendships among women.

I would like to hear Romanian voices on this subject. Relationships and friendships. Trying to understand.

If you like the Bucharest Lounge I am sure you will enjoy Eleonore’s posts too. Check them out.

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