Bucharest Half-Marathon. Beautiful. Great.

Yesterday the Bucharest Lounge took on Bucharest half marathon.

It was a beautiful experience. I love running and doing it in a city like Bucharest with its long, grand boulevards and huge piatas (squares) was a pure feast for me !

The picture below  is from Friday, at the Constitution Square. Behind me is the People’s Palace.  I picked up my registration number and was set for Sunday’s run.

On Sunday morning parts of  down town Bucharest were closed down due to the race. I thought it was amazing to walk there, from Piata Unirii metro station up to the starting point, Constitution Square, with NO CARS ! – In BUCHAREST !

It was 26 degrees on  October 7th. Pas mal !  Not bad at all. The warm temperature was lovely most of the times and , yes, too hot , for this mountain goat, at the end. – But, hey, I don’t complain !

First out were the Team Relay Racers and the Paralympics. I say : huge respect to those who do the marathons in a wheel-chair. That’s a BIG WOW !

 Then it was time for the full marathoners and half-marathoners.

The Bucharest Lounge opted for the half marathon yesterday.

I think that is a very do-able, delicious distance. Anyone who is healthy with no injuries can train for a half-marathon.Training for a full marathon takes more time and above all : focus.

The Bucharest Marathon was well-organized and I had the best morning!

We were running the full Bulevardul Unirii, which starts by the Constitution Square and finish by Piata Alba Iulia.

Impressive feeling !

If I had wings I would have flown !

Take a look.

All in all a great, beautiful & sportive morning.

Bucharest showed itself from the best sides…..

I’m happy.


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