273 Places You Have to See Before Leaving Romania. Meet up with Founder Magda Savuica

273 de locuri pe care trebuie să le vezi înainte să pleci din România

 English : 273 places you have to see before leaving Romania.

Thursday morning The Bucharest Lounge met up with Magda Savuica , founder of  273 places you have to see before leaving Romania.  273 places you have to see before leaving Romania. spreads pictures from all corners of Romania and started 2 years ago. We met by the Piata Presei Libre and walked down to the wonderful park  Herastrau. 

The area  around the Piata Presei Libre is urban with two towers of business offices. 

The Press House at Piata Presei Libre

Herastrau  is a big park that you need at least a day to discover. Magda likes to come running here with her running club and she also told me it is a lovely place to go to in the evenings , when all the small restaurants are ighting up the little lake.

Magda has, with 273 places you have to see before leaving Romania more than 321 000 followers on her Facebook page and I wanted to meet her as she is someone who spreads positivity in Romania with her  Facebook-page.  Magda does it with her heart.  That’s why people keep coming to the page. They can see her passion for Romania. Passion is contagious.

She is the sole person to work with the page , but has help from her community  and from photographers assisting her with pictures. Being loyal to the photographers is important to Magda.

The name 273 places you have to see before leaving Romania. is a great name and easy to remember. It stands out. When I ask Magda about the name, she says that she is actually going to make a list with 273 places. The challenge will be to choose those places. She will take her Facebook- followers for help. They will vote. At present she has over 500 places to choose from.

I asked her what her favourites places are and she said she especially likes small villages, particularily around Brasov. She loves being out in nature and just take it in.

As this is the Buhcarest Lounge I also asked her about places she would recommend in Bucharest , and she said the choices would differ depending on who is asking, she says.

Here are some places I am going to check out after her suggestions !

Thank you, Magda

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