In love with Bucharest

I’m completely in love with Bucharest. Yesterday afternoon I was walking from the flat to the bookstore Libraria Humanitas Kretzulescu and the English Bookstore Anthony Frost.

This is what I passed.

Yes, the inspiration to write the book A Window to my Soul  couldn’t be better.

One thought on “In love with Bucharest

  1. In August 2012, I walked the same route as you show above Yvette, every day.
    I rented an apartemente on the corner of Blvdl General Gheorghe Magheru and Strada George Enescu.
    There was a lovely French Bakery, “Le restaurant” opposite the rear entrance to the Bloc in Strada Nicolae Golescu. The French know how to cook pastries! Many days I would buy a pastry for my lunch snack! I walked (almost) everywhere and I still lost a lot of weight! The daily 40+ degree centigrade heat-wave helped! 🙂
    I hope I can have the same apartemente August 2013!
    The walk through the back streets past the Athenaeum and into Calea Victoriei, past the grand statue of King Carol 1 on horseback and into the Piata Revolutiei, with the “Gherkin on a stick” monument!
    Then onwards past the Kretzulescu Church and the “Anthony Frost” bookshop.
    The walk from there along the Calea Victoriei to Piata Unirii was always enjoyable.
    Every day was different.
    Nota bene: “Gherkin on a stick” was the name told me by my Romanian friend from Bucharest, Laura, and at least one waitress at the Caru cu Bere! Apparently, it is commonly used… very respectfully, by Romanian people. It is Romanian humour!

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