Mira Balan and her blog : Calatorii la Singular

Mira Balan is a travel journalist who runs the blog : Calatorii la Singular  :   http://www.calatoriilasingular.ro/ Mira loves words and pictures.

A friend of mine sent me a link to Mira’s blog and I immediately liked her pictures.

“ I always bring the camera with me “, Mira said , when we met in Bucharest’s Old Town last Friday. She smiles with her whole face when she says it. When speaking with her it is obvious that writing and photography are passions of hers.

“I have to do this!” , she says radiantly and is referring to the blog.

In her blog she posts beautiful pictures from her travels in Romania and elsewhere. It’s the blogposts about Romania that interests me the most. Mira herself dreams about going to Asia and India.

I wanted to meet up with Mira because I found her approach positive. The Bucharest Lounge is on a constant quest of finding and sharing those positive role models and examples in Romania. People who do things with meaning and beauty.

Mira is one.

“ I only want to focus on the things I like and I try to see things in an optimistic way “ , Mira says.

She continues : “ I don’t even have TV any longer. I’m fed up with politics in this country – and TV”.

The Bucharest Lounge admire Romanian people , the man in the street who struggle every day, with  strength and endurance, with the ability to overcome challenges, recover and come back. Yes, I do admire the Romanians who have done that for a long time now. Romanians are  for sure “not made of sugar”, as we say in Sweden, referring to people exhibiting strength.

I hope Romanians keep their strength and endurance their values and go on fighting for a better society.

Mira does it her way. With her articles, photographs and optimism.

Yvette , Bucharest, 1 st October.

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