Groceries for the soul : Donia, Bacania cu suflet in Bucharest

Food. Real, natural food.

What is it with the world today that we have to find new words for food that was produced the natural way ? We call it ecological or organic.  What came in the way for not producing food the natural way ? The development of farming ? Stream lining ?  Globalization ?

Mc Donalds at Piata Romana, Bucharest.

There are many factors. However you can still take charge of the way you eat.   You can be the conscious consumer.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a place that is bringing natural, healthy food to Bucharest, Donia, Bacania cu suflet. There you find food that is made for us human beings. No E-numbers. Note : food with E-numbers is not made for us. E-numbers are added for food to last longer in the store, it’s made for food to look better for a long time, it’s made for a global world where we ship groceries in all directions far from the sources. E-numbers are not for human bodies.

Our bodies don’t understand  what to do with those artificial additives you find in a lot of food these days. – And artificial food is difficult to avoid. They are pretty much “everywhere “. Do a test during a whole day. Check “the back side” of all the food you eat and see how many E-numbers you put in your body during the spam of a day.

The alternative to the E-numbers is natural food, produced close to you, taken care of by people locally. Without chemicals.

At Doina, Bacania cu suflet,  Groceries with soul, there you can get all sorts of delicious confiture, gorgeous cheese, charcuterie, honey, walnuts in confiture, wine and other drinks, tea, coffee, pasta, legumes and more. All ecological. Mostly produced locally.

The presentation of the products gives an authentic impression. The Bucharest Lounge loves it !

Check it out of you are in Bucharest.

We got tasty cheese with dill, walnuts in confiture, smoked carp, and mushrooms. We put the cheese in a salad together with tomatoes and onions we bought from a peasant who sold her vegetables out of her trunk in the square where we are .

Bon apetit to all you who appreciate and love real food.

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