Touch down ROMANIA !!!

Touch down Romania.

Snap shot impressions from day 1+2..

It’s great to be here again. It’s warm. It’s still summer.

-At least for another 4 days they say.

I ‘ M HAPPY !!!

Bucharest is a city which is ALIVE! People everywhere. Cars everywhere. Hm, lots of cars. I never saw so many sports cars in one concentrated area as here in Bucharest.  Interesting how that can be in a country where the average salary is around 2-300 euros ?

Bucharest is eating great , delicious food. – Yesterday I had fried macerel with polenta and garlic sauce at some friends’ place.

Mamaliga. So Romanian. Went to CORA, bought groceries for the same price as I do in Scandinavia. How is that possible, in a country where people earn a fraction of what we do in Scandinavia ?

We went to Constanta today.

The last part of the high way from Bucharest to Constanta was recently finished. Good ! The high way looks at places like an airport and I have a feeling I wanna fly !!! Music on  in the car and it’s like going with an airplane, Haha !

At the restaurant there I had daurade & salad with a gorgeous café frappé before heading back to Bucharest.

Food….Today I had to have the apple strudel, strudel mere by the corner store, where they sell the prezels everybody is eating. I must be honest, I don’t really rave for the prezels.  They are alright but I find other things more tasty. Like the apple strudel 🙂


Have a beautiful day.

Yvette 😉

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