Herd behaviour vs. common sense

Herd behaviour vs. common sense

Today I’m wondering about herd behaviour and common sense.

Staying with the herd and not be different was, in pre-historic times, a survival tool.

Our brain has developed and we are not pre-historic any longer.  However, the old, archaic brain runs our fast reactions and our fight or flight-reactions. The new, modern brain is more sophisticated. With the new , modern brain we  developed a sophisticated oral language and we can transfer culture from one generation to the other.

So, in this context I am wondering :

– When is the tipping point when common sense flies stops functioning  and herd behaviour kicks in ?

–  What  is it that make some of us just  stand and watch when somebody else needs help?

–  What is it that  makes others step up and give a helping hand?

–  When is it that herd behaviour  flies out the window and common sense kicks in ?

Common sense is simple and often the key to change things for the better.

I’ve  noticed it is rare to find these days.

When I see it, it puts a smile on my face.


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