Promoting Romania : History and Modern Days

I just came back from a week-long  holiday in Greece. I met up with 4 of my childhood friends and their families. It was the first time we met with all our kids. That was something.  We traveled from 4 different places and manage to organize 16 people to the same place at the same time. We know each other since 32 years back now, and we met the  first time when we were 8. So you do the maths and you realize we are 40 now. We celebrated our 40th anniversaries in Rhodos. We had a fantastic time !  I was thinking a lot, maybe more than usual, of the enormous natural resources in Romania, that are awaiting for the world to be discovered . I hope, one day, when times are more stable, that people will come back to Romania. There is so much to see and so much to discover and experience. 

So, being on holidays, away from world news, Facebook and blogging it was interesting to log onto the cyber world again, today Sunday.

I logged on with rested, fresh eyes.

As I run this blog, the Bucharest Lounge,  where I want to promote the beautiful and meaningful parts of Romania and Romanian lifestyle, I regularly cruise a few Romanian web sites, blogs and Facebook pages. What strucked me today when logging on, was that many of the Facebook pages I’ve come across promote predominately Romanian HISTORY.

What was good in the past.

That’s great in itself.

Strengthening the Romanian cultural heritage.

I like that and I love history.

To understand today we have to have knowledge in the past.

Somebody I know wrote me today , and enhanced : Nicolae Iorga, said “A nation who doesn’t know its history, is like a child who doesn’t know his parents”.

I was  wondering about the purpose of those Facebook pages, if they  are first and foremost for Romanians themselves ? – To be able to feel pride of the past, since the recent history was so negative during communism?

Someone I know said : those pages are to awaken the people from this lethargic state they are in now.

What I often find, when wanting to promote Romania is a gap to be filled. A gap between historical Romania and modern-day Romania.  A gap between yesterday’s heroes and todays’, still living, remarkable people who TRY to make a difference in Romania.

– Who at least try to. This last part is very important. “At least try to”. I understand it is not easy in Romania, to make a change. 

I’m searching for people who takes small steps. – Artists, photographers, bloggers, managers, people in the world of business, sports men and women, musicians, fashion people, researchers, writers, journalists: – people from all walks of life.

I want to paint an extended  picture of Romania , being a picture of a modern, contemporary world too.

Give me ideas. Small and large.

It can be the bakery man in your corner shop who has a 100 %, water tight,  always optimistic attitude  that has a daily positive effect on his/her customers. It can be the travel blogger, who spreads amazing pictures of Romania so people would like to come and visit. It can be the local football coach in your town, who have an amazing impact on your kids leading the way in a remarkable way. It can be the journalist who writes “with a sharp pen”, using his/her ears and eyes to put down what he/she sees in society and want to change it by his/her words. It can be the teacher at your child’s school who does all in her/his power to pave the way of developing the leaders of tomorrow in Romania. It can be your neighbour who always, persistently and with great endurance makes a fuss when he stumble upon injustices in the Romanian society.

In short : normal people , who creates  “ripples in the water”  in their community and in the Romanian society as a whole.

I already hear a few Romanians saying “ but history is important and we, in Romania have historically great authors, poets, writers, painters, researchers,  and other historical personages”.

Yes, it’s absolutely true.

It’s also absolutely true that Romania should promote them too, as to show the world  the  cultural heritage.

A cultural heritage  that has been, in a sense, “hidden” from big parts of the world.

As has most things that  has to do with Romania.

HOWEVER, I believe, when wanting to promote Romania, wanting people to come and visit this beautiful country, I do believe it’s EQUALLY important to promote MODERN ROMANIA.

Because : people here don’t believe MODERN Romania exists.

Yes. You can call it ignorance. You can call it whatever you want.   As I see it,  it is purely  a sign of our times. The world we live in is full of information.  If you are not visible, you don’t “exist”.  Romania is NOT visible in the world of traveling.  Hence  Romania doesn’t “exist”, in the world of traveling.

People here have, for examples,  difficulties realizing there are modern cinemas, shopping centres with modern cafes, restaurants and shops, international schools, beautiful clothes, modern youth who all go to clubs and having a good time.

Why ? Because we see very little from Romania. If we see anything it is negative.

I do feel like a pioneer when going to Bucharest, as there are hardly any tourist there.

Next week I ll be there again.

I can’t wait to go.

2 thoughts on “Promoting Romania : History and Modern Days

  1. Maybe you have seen smth about `the 273 community`: FB page was created to promote the unknown beauties of Romania.
    I will translate some of the articles that might inspire you.
    You are right, we don`t `sell` our country the way she should.Those who get paid to do so just waste time and money.

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