Nearly a year ago since I re-discovered Romania

It’s nearly a year ago since I re-discovered Romania.

I  came first time, as some of you know already, in 1985, when I was 13 years old. I came to Mamaia as a tourist with my parents and grand-parents. These were the times when Scandinavians liked going to the Black Sea. Now , we sort of forgot about the Black Sea, well at least  about Romania.

People here have started  to re-visit  Bulgaria now.

But Romania: no.

– Why ? In my opinion : because Romania doesn’t market itself. 

So, last year, 2011, it was 26 years since I visited  Romania:  yes 26 years ago since I was in Romania for the first time. You can imagine my amazement stepping out of Henri Coanda airport and  driving to Bucharest. My mouth wide open realizing some huge change had been transforming this post-communistic society.

On the surface it looked , I thought , like any  other modern, southern European city. However, the communistic blocks of flats, told me this was a post-communistic country. Other than that : shopping malls, cafes, bars, restaurants, elegantly dressed people, food and wine in abundance, and more…. I was in complete and utter  : WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to see Brasov and loved it. I also went back to Mamaia & Constanta to see the Black Sea again. Even stayed at the same hotel I stayed at in 1985. It was really a special feeling. I can’t really explain it. Sort of a serene and excited  feeling at the same time.

I have something with Romania I can’t explain. It’s a sort of crazy passion for the country.

Now, nearly a year later , and after several trips back throughout the year, I realize that it’s not only WOW, people still struggle to make a living. On the surface it looks amazing , but Romania still have a long way to go regarding functioning well for its’ people.

I decided to start this blog after coming back from my first trip.

I want to spread the GOOD sides and the GOOD examples with this page.

When it comes to Romania and life there , it’s like learning a new language for me.

Life there is in many ways the opposite from what my Scandinavian way of functioning is “programmed”. AND, AND , AND, even though I ‘ve been living abroad, away from Scandinavia, as an ex-pat in 5 different countries, and even though I often hear I m not “very Scandinavian ” in my ways, and even though I have locals helping me out :  it is STILL challenging for me sometimes to understand life in Romania.

I ‘m, learning this language slowly….

Why ? Because I so love what I see there.

I feel at home in Bucharest. When I walk the street I feel good about myself in the midst of the livelyness and dynamics of the city.

Here is the music I heard last year as I just re-met with Romania. I still like those songs.

My beautiful one, with Xonia and Deep Central :

Mi- e dor de noi, DJ Project feat. Giulia

I need you more with Crush & Alexandra :


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