A Message from 1990.

This is an essay I wrote as an 18 years old  (1990) in school, after the “so called ” Romanian Revolution had taken place.

This will be part of the book ” A Window to my Soul” , which I am about to wrap up shortly.

When you read it, think about where Romania is today.

– What happened  since 1990 ?

– What is needed 2012 ?

Km 0. Revolution Square, Bucharest, evening, Autumn 2011.

“History was written autumn 1989. It was the autumn of Democracy in Eastern Europe and revolutionary winds blew. The scenes of happiness we saw in TV started after the Berlin Wall fell. Eastern and Western Germans could meet again after that long and horrible time being separated by the wall. People cried of happiness. The feeling was amazing! 

Country after country followed suite like pieces of dominoes, Czeckoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, and so forth.  There were many experts who thought that Romania , with its’ Stalinistic leader Ceausescu would be kept away from those scenes of happiness.

The experts said : “The Romanians do not have the force and energy to engage and collect themselves to a revolution ” . They said that the Romanians’ strength wasn’t sufficient enough more than to keep their every day lives going. The daily problems with lack of all: be it petrol, pens, oranges or heat, would stop the the Romanians’ big wish to get rid of communism in their country.

Soon, it proved, times of wonder were a reality.  The revolution took place end of December 1989 : a people’s revolution that later came to include the military too. They  took  the president and after that , the hunting down of all his Securitate men started.

There was one country that stayed communistic in the east and that was Albania. But, speaking of wonders, who knows about Albania ? 

How did it go with Romania ?

Well, we can not really answer that question already now.

Because that is the now we live in.

It is now they have to take the democratic dream and put it into reality, practically speaking. 

A task difficult to solve. People in the east don’t know neither how to think democratic, nor do they know how to LIVE democratic. Suspiciousness has also always been omni-present and it will be difficult to built up something completely different. Open. Democratic. It will surely take a long time to make the democratic  way of living be a reality.

First of all , the living standards must ameliorate.  Then : at present there is a diaspora from the east : eastern Europeans leaving their home countries with their newly pressed passports. They want better living standards fast. Highly educated people see their chance to get a decent job abroad.

However it will go, I will never forget autumn and winter 1989. The thing I will never forget is when my friend from Romania called after Christmas and screamed out his joy : “ We are finally free!!!! “ 

Revolution Square , Bucharest 2011

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