Stand your ground

Stand your ground, that ‘s something a Romanian friend tells me.

Hold on to core values, things that are important .

Don’t let them pass, just because you don’t have time, are busy with other things.

Stop and think.

Don’t let thing pass because we live in a speedy society where things go fast. Don’t let things pass, because you have excuses. If it is important : You find a way.

An example.

I was in Bucharest, on my way back to Scandinavia. We were going to take a taxi to the airport.
From the place we were going to the airport the fare should be 25 RON. The driver wanted 50 RON and not to put on the clock, because  he said he was private and would have to come empty from airport. Which was a lie. My friend  refused to fall for that.

My friend told the taxi driver how it should be and he also spoke to a policeman which told my friend that he agreed and its against the law,  but the only way he could help was if my friend  made a complaint, which the police man was willing to help with. But  how could he have  made a complaint if we were  supposed to be at airport in half hour?  It would take more than half hour to write a complaint. So , we went to another taxi , with a taxi driver who was the way a taxi driver should be.

This is an every day example, on how , with your own small steps, you must do, if you want to  change the society around you.

Don’t accept the things that are unjust.  Don’t go on that mediocre way. Put your feet down when things are not right.

I have to remind myself sometimes.

In Romania it’s a challenge because a lot of situations are like the one I just describe. However, do you, who live there , put your feet down, and say stop ?

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