ONEITEM looking for donators to help the children in Valea Screzii.

The children in Valea Screzii, Romania need our help now, at the start of a new term.

This is what is needed :

FOOD : Chicken, whole, legs breast or part there of,salami, sausages, vegetables

TOILETTERIES : nappies numbers 3,4,5 wet wipes, shampoo for adults and children,

DETERGENTS washing up liquid, cleaning fluid for tiles laminate flooring, bleach,

SCHOOL MATERIAL : school supplies especially large notebooks, black shoes for girls and boys new or used for school, black boys trousers for school, white shirts for boys or girls for school .

…and it’s still hot in Romania : WATER !

Please make your donation directly to the ONEITEM account, hosted by Yvette Larsson.

ALL donations goes STRAIGHT to the children in Valea Screzii.

Here are the ONEITEM Bank account details, Please tag it with your name when transferring your donation.


Account: ONEITEM – 3345762981 3001 Holmens Kanal Afd.
IBAN (account number): DK2730003345762981

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