Bucharest pretty awesome

Yesterday an acquaintance, whom I know very little, came up to me and wondered if I was  Romanian. She said she’d been in Bucharest last week and loved it . She thought it was beautiful. -And we added : Fascinating.

I explained , I’m not Romanian, I’m Swedish, but like to promote Romania as I have a story with Romania since 1985.

I think it’s about time that Bucharest and Romania get some GREAT publicity. It’s a shame that a whole country and its’ inhabitants should “suffer ” because of bad leadership.

Here at the Bucharest Lounge I promote the good things I experience when I am there. The good examples.

To get back to yesterdays’ meeting with my acquaintance :

– When I then went home, I was thinking: what is it that makes Bucharest awesome and fascinating ?

I have problems putting my finger on it. There is so much.

– The beautiful architecture I love in combination with the blocks from the Communistic era, that make that special  Bucharest eclectic mix?  The food and wine ? The old town ? The language with a Latin base, squeezed in, in the Balkans? The gorgeous people in the street who dress so elegantly ?  The feelgood music I hear in the car ? And Puya ? Looking at people who undergone so much suffering under communism and now trying to make a living on almost nothing ? The farmers’ markets ? The new and old next to each other everywhere I look ? Feeling like a travel pioneer when being there, as there are hardly any tourists ? -and only 1500 Scandinavians living there ? Exploration of a place we hardly ever saw anything about in Western media ? Discovering artists and writers not known of here …..

I think its ALL of that and more.

It’s something I CAN’T describe with words.

I simply can’t say why I love it so much.

Go see and experience it for yourself.

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