Consumer power

Consumer power does exist.

You can change what is offered in your local store.

You can always ask your local store to drop products and take in the ones you like.

You can stop buying products that are not good for us. Products that our bodies don’t understand as food and can not digest properly.

You can stop buying products with lots of sugar and go for healthier choices.

At the end of the day the seller will realize what us, consumers want, and if we want good, healthy products, that’s what we will have. Still long way to go, as there are producers and huge food companies behind food production and distribution…but there is still some light in the tunnel.

At my kids’ school. A very small example. Us parents have asked the cantine to stop selling sugar-bomb-dougnuts. Last term they were there in the afternoon after school finished, inviting, and a common theme for parent- child discussion : “please mummy”. Now, as the new term started, they are not there anymore. Parents are happy. The cantine -staff listened. Good. This is just a small example.

However, here is the point. Listen.

Don’t accept mediocre when it comes to food. Actually don’t accept mediocre at all. Don’t accept things just because you are use to them. Don’t accept things just because it’s always been like that.  DON’T ACCEPT MEDIOCRE !!!

Here is what  a Romania friend of mine said :

“It’s good but it works better there than here in Romania. Here most people try to survive. So they buy what is cheaper. There, where people don’t try to JUST survive, yes, it can be done.  All that matters is if  THERE ARE A  LOT OF PEOPLE  who will say  NO.  But if I go everyday to the store and tell them “Don’t sell those doughnuts anymore because they are not healthy ” and I , myself never buy them,  BUT other people do buy them, then the store will not care  about me.  But if 1000 people will say “Stop selling this” or they will just not buy them and its only ME who buys it, then the store will HAVE TO stop sell them.

Its all in the power of people. If more people unite, they can change things, if its only a handful, nothing gonna change. That’s the problem here (in Romania) we are not united, we don’t stand up for each other.

It’s true. When people unite , things happen. I want to extend this to what the situation is in general in Romania. In this blog post we are talking food , but the comment from my friend is translated into the political situation in Romania too.

At the end here, I ‘d like to revert back to food.

Check out those beauties : Tomatoes and plums. Fresh from the garden in Bucharest. Take a good look at the shapes of the tomatoes on the top picture. Lovely : they don’t all look the same. Yum !!!

2 thoughts on “Consumer power

  1. Unfortunately, the mediocre way of eating expand to the Romanian middle class, so those who can afford to buy healthy food buy more unhealthy food.
    I used to be angry at stores who sell cigarettes, but then I realised there are unhealthy things people just won’t give up buying.It’s the same thing with food.

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