Democracy or Mediacracy

Today Swedish media is writing about Danish Suzanne Brögger’s book, which  recently was translated into Swedish :  “ Brev till prinsen av Mogadonien” .   I read the book in Danish already and didn’t like the STYLE. However , I must admit I like the CONTENT. Brögger has a lot of sharp  opinions  about Danish society, and the society we live in , in general.

There  is a word she is using  that I would like to bring  into the context of the Bucharest Lounge : mediekrati, MEDIACRACY. It made me think of talks I had with a friend of mine regarding media in Romania and media in general.

Talks about how media is the gatekeeper of what we  read about in newspapers, magazines and on the net.  How media is choosing for us which pictures and film clips we should see. There is always somebody who leads a radio channel or a TV-show/TV-channel. There are interests behind. Politics. That is no secret. There is money behind.

Has Democracy been interchanged with Mediacracy in our times ?

When there was communism in Romania there was only one TV-channel that spoke the voice of the Socialist Party. Today the TV-channels in Romania are numerous, but I have the feeling we are still being brainwashed by a few in charge ? The same things are spread and what we see is mainstream. Very few cheeky, gutsy, courageous shows take up place in Romanian TV.  Well, in TV in general I’d say.

I see Romania becoming westernized and on its way loosing its character. Romania has a solid cultural heritage with writers, poets, film-makers and painters. It would be great to see that Romanian culture bloom instead of being eaten up by mainstream.But it takes presence to stay and do that . It takes money. It takes guts.

What is the balance of democracy and mediacracy in Romania ?

There are lots of things that can be discussed under the umbrella of the power media has in Romania.

Let me know what you think.


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