Beauty and Role – Models

I am a person who all my life loved beauty around me. When I was a kid I was drawing all the time and as I grew up I loved all that had to do with colour and shape.

Life around us is not always beautiful.

Life for some of us is hard pretty much all the time.

With this blog I want to add my perception of beauty. As in : all the beautiful findings I come over when I visit Romania and the inspirational people I meet.

Romania is an amazing place. Just that :  not many people know about it . The country is constantly challenged by internal politics and lack of leadership.

I am now, specifically , on the look out for people who INSPIRE in Romania. Those people who takes a stand, who took those small steps and want to create a better future their way, who has great optimistic impact in his/her community. If you know of one let me know !

That’s beauty for me.

And meaning.

As The Bucharest Lounge likes it.


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