400 pages today. The book ” A Window to My Soul ” expands. Time to wrap it up shortly

HURRAY !!!! 400 pages today.  It’s soon time to wrap it up.

Mihai in Copenhagen , 2011



Documentary, Biography , Recent history, Culture, Politics, Self- development,

The story has its starting point in the letters of the  correspondence between Mihai  from Romania and Yvette from Sweden between the years 1985-2011. This friendship made big impact in both their lives , only from meeting in person once for 3 hours in Mamaia, Romania in 1985.

In 2011 they met again, after 26 years. Yvette heard that Mihai’s story needed to be told.

Yvette in Mamaia, Romania in 1985. She was 13 years old. Here together with her mum and grand-parents.

First part is seeing communism from the eyes of two teenagers , one in closed Romania the other in open Sweden.

Dreams about going abroad glues the second part together. Mihai wanting to get out of Romania for reasons such as living life in a free, open and democratic society, Yvette for the lust of adventure and seeing the world.

Third and last part is about the new Europe and the new Europeans:  who they are and how attitudes towards eastern Europe still colours our view in the west. Last part touches the Romania of today, that still struggle with corruption and the Romania that could be blooming with all the resources the country have, had it been a government wanting to take good care of its inhabitants and resources.


All who are  interested in the the development of the new Europe.

People in the age group 35 + who remembers how it was during communism.

People who are  interested in deepening their learning in Eastern Europe and Eastern European identity as it is changing slowly.

People who are interested in self-development and self- leadership.

People who wants to be inspired by a story of a very special friendship.


Yvette Larsson is Swedish, born 1972 in Gällivare, Lapland. Between the years 1991- 1998 she studied English, Swedish, Education, Media & Communication and Science Journalism at the University of Umeå.

She later lived one year to Stockholm followed by 12 years abroad. First move overseas was to French Reunion Island, followed by Norway, Provence/France, London / UK, and Copenhagen/Denmark. Her continuous education constitutes of numerous courses within the field of Sports and Health and she dedicated ten years to Sports Management. When the children came she trained to become a coach and leadership trainer, passionate about making others the best they can be and she had her own practice for four years.

She has two blogs :

The Energy Booster Lounge  and the Bucharest Lounge.

Yvette , Copenhagen, summer 2012. 
Some people come into your life and leave footsteps in our hearts. 

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