Elections in November : Who is going to lead Romania ? Who is going to develop this resourceful country ?

Romania will have their elections in November. When asking around my Romanian friends about who they would like to see lead their country,  who they think are doing good, who they think is a good leader and role-model, I get the same answer.


Romania has  good role models. However, they are often discredited, put down, marginalized and not let into the public room.

This is the impression I have , not only asking around my personal friends, but  moreover : when seeing what’s going on in Romania and how the country is run.

When talking about leaders and leadership , I had an interesting experience myself when trying to get a job there recently.

I approached an organization  that said to be idealistic and visionary. Suited me well. They wanting to make a difference.  I, the same. They working hard. I , would like to see myself as : the same. Surface looked good. Leader of the organization seemed good. On the surface. To cut a long story short, they said they encouraged  openness, direct dialogues with their employers. I discovered something else.

I am Swedish, Scandinavian.

Many of us are  open and transparent.

Many of us learned to  trust people.

We discuss things. Yes, we tend to be a bit consensus-driven too.

Our organizations are fairly flat.

It’s easy to have an open talk to ones Manager.

So:  I just copy-pasted this pattern of communication. Thinking : this is how you should hold a dialogue.

Well. I found out that their way of dialogue was a monologue.  This is just a very small example of what an idealistic and visionary leadership can be in Romania.

I believe, at all levels, what is needed is, in a short phrase :

– GOOD LEADERS, who can lead and develop Romania .

I’m on a quest to look for them. Do you know one ? Let me know.

People who are courageous and dare to take a stand, driven to make a change and create positive impact in other people’s lives , who not only think about themselves. People with the talent of spark something optimistic within others , who TAKES ACTION.

Well.  I know they are there.

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