Tourism in Romania : Mamaia

This is the front cover from the July/August issue of the ELLE Romania magazine.  Picture is taken in Mamaia, by the Black Sea coast. Mamaia, where my relationship and story with Romania started in 1985.

Look at the picture. Romanians are gorgeous people. Both men and women.

What is interesting is that when I was there in the 80ties there were MORE foreign tourists than there are now. – And that was under communism !

Yes, there were quite a few English and Swedish people coming to Mamaia in the 70ties and 80ties. -What about now ? I am absolutely sure that Swedes, who are quite trend-conscious and hipsters , would love exploring new, modern Romania. Swedes have traveled a lot and would definitely be up to re-discover modern Romania. It’s a “new” destination , only 2-3 hours away even from northern Europe.

A friend of mine said something like this :

“Under communism there were WAY MORE foreigners visiting than now. 100% sure. Your  hotel Dacia was RESERVED for people ONLY from Sweden, Germany and sometimes from former Czechoslovakia. Hotel Bicaz in Mamaia was ONLY for Swedish (and sometimes Norwegian and Danes) people. Hotel Vega was ONLY for Belgian, Dutch and Germans. Hotel National, Patria, and Unirea were ONLY for ex USSR, but there I also met people from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia (which were part of USSR at the time) and Austria, too. Hotel Tomis was ONLY for German people. “


Reason ?

Today Romania has too much of bad press and we , up here, miss out on a very exciting destination.  I hope I can contribute by changing somebody’s attitude about this fascinating country : Romania.


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