The Open Air Village Museum in Bucharest

Every time I go to Romania I discover something new.

This week we went to the Open Air Village Museum in Bucharest. There you find houses from all parts of the country with their own specific style. People are also making traditional handicraft there, that I love.

The colourful, hand-painted eggs drew my attention. Some eggs were painted on real eggs, fragile and delicate, some painted on wood. Very beautiful. My beauty scanner also loved seeing the handmade jewellery, the colourful icons painted on glass and the handwoven carpets.

As much as I like to go to a market , or to see fruit and vegetables grown wild out in nature, as much I like seeing people making handicraft . -And isn’t it nicer to get a handmade necklace from the Village museum than one from H&M 🙂

Here are some shots from there. Enjoy.


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