ONEITEM 2. Donations delivered JUNE 2012

It was  a beautiful, warm day when the donations were delivered at the Children’s camp in Valea Screzii.

A different experience from the February, snow-covered experience 🙂 Although, Valea Screzii is beautiful in winter too.

Valea Screzii is a very good choice  for a childrens’ camp. Very tranquil and healing. The whole Prahova Valley area is  lovely.

Do you remember :

The road up to Valea Screzii, 1 hr away from busy , urban Bucharest.

Yes, you still see this in the villages, just an hour away from the capital.  

This is the road up to the village.

These are some of the houses. The camp consists of buildings where  the kids live . The camp hosts adults too, who,  for some reasons need help.  Valea Screzii also support families in the neighbouring villages,  and some of the CIS donations reached those families. We met with them and it’s wonderful to see that the donations that were in Denmark a week ago, can be used here by somebody.

Small steps for one, big impact for many.

Construction materials. This is where ONEITEM started in December. The main building burnt and my friend seeing it on national TV.  They still need concrete and other building materials.  They still need people to help building it up again. Things go slowly.

They would benefit of  a construction company that could come and donate their time and skills to help build up this place. Do you have connections within construction ? Would YOU like to engage ? Inbox me at : 

Yvette with a woman and boy who live at the camp.

They all wanted to be photographed.  I took lots of pictures and will send them the paper copies. For understandable reasons I can’t post many of my pictures of the children. These pictures have all been accepted by the Management in Valea Screzii before being posted at the blog.

CIS sent two bikes. What a joy ! The happiness of a child is unbeatable.

A mother with her two children and a buggy from Denmark.

They live there.

Some of the people who live in Valea Screzii.

Where they eat. They have three meals per day : breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are 180 children and in addition the adults. 

Moi-même, before leaving this time.

Going to one of the villages to give some of the donations to a family. A chest of drawers from Sweden is now being used by a family of 6 in Romania. Door to door : 1 month. That’s how EASY it is to help people in an area that are less privileged than we are up here in Scandinavia.

I admire those people who work full-time in Valea Screzi, work that is meaningful.

We met up with Father Tanase shortly again. And once again was inspired to live life with meaning and simply :  do good.

He has presence like few.

Again : Parle la langue de l’amour.

That’s it for this time.

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