Truck loaded Wednesday : HURRAY !!

Wednesday truck came and picked up donations. 1 month after ONEITEM May version started.

I would like to extend a big thank you to ALL who contributed. I WISH I had all of you on a picture, but I don’t . Here are some of you !

Some luxory probems on the way. I estimated a quantity way too small.

Last time we did the collection of donations it was a joint project with my friend Betty in Malmö. I figured that , this time, as Malmö is not with us, we will have the same amount. We did.  – BUT  we also doubled that ! :-)))

Now, I am in Prague, having a long stop over on my way to Bucharest.  Rain outside.

I ‘m pondering on  how the new Europe is taking shape in front of our eyes and who are the new Europeans ?

And :  -Is Eastern Europe really there in our consciousness yet ?  They are there on the paper. Members of EU.  I think there will, for a long time in the future , be  lots of work to be done  changing people’s attitues here in the western part of Europe. At least with my generation. What is your take on this ?

The Prague  airport looks like any other airport in Europe. Only 20 years ago, when travelling around Europe with my parents, the difference between eastern and western Europe was omni-present.  These days the surface  look very similar everywhere. Same shops, same restaurants. Any big capital you go to in Europe you find the same things.

I remember the  days (oh, the sound of that: am I getting old ?)  , when we managed to bring out a big Parma ham from Italy because we coudn’t find it at home. Today  I can get Parma ham at my local Super Best.

So, who are the new Europeans ?

As I see it they are your kids and mine.

THAT  is my driving force when wanting to helping kids in Romania. The people are struggling there, I hope for the next generation that there will be a generation of new leaders, new ways of thinking.


That’s all.

A bientôt.


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