Rosana Munoz contributing

The community from Copenhagen International School  is  supporting ONEITEM for Romanian children and teenagers a second time. First time was in February this year.  I’m equally amazed and impressed this second time around.

Every day, since we started, beginning of May,  there have been people coming to my house to donate for Romania. Thank you all !

Especially thank you to those  of you I didn’t get to meet in person, who left your donations in my shed while I was out. It’s pretty amazing to come home  in the after noon, open the door to the shed and see those bags of donations from you ! Puts a huge smile on my face. It speaks its’ clear language of what giving  is about.

Yesterday afternoon wonderful Rosana Munoz came with a trailer to donate an outdoor play house and slide. Fantastic !

What makes me amazed is that : here we have Rosana , who actually went to rent  a trailer in order to transport her donation!

I get goose bumps on my arms when people show this kindness.

It’s unconditional.

Rosana doesn’t have to do this at all.

No obligation at all.

But she does.

And so did MANY OF YOU !!!! 

Oneitem is coming to an end this Sunday as we have the truck coming to pick up the donations Wednesday 6th.

It will take 6-8 days for the donations to reach Romania and I ‘ll be there this time around too. I will blog from there and share the experience. On a personal level it’s very fulfilling to see that the donations we collect here throughout a month arrives there shortly afterwards. The distance from start to goal is short and very rewarding. -And regarding paper work : there is nearly none, as Romania is a part of EU these days. So it’s easy.

Coming there last time was also very fulfilling on a personal level. Seeing the place , the priest who started it +20 years ago, wanting to be a positive alternative , is really wonderful.

I will share the experience with you so you can get a glimpse of the place to which you contributed and made a difference.

Last, but not least : I will be at the Loppemarked at CIS on Saturday if you like to come by and say hi !

Have a good day !


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