Friends of ONEITEM: Christine DILLING & NGG

Yesterday Sylvie Reynolds, a CIS-mum came with Christine Dilling, from the NGG school (Nordsjaellands Grundskole & Gymnasium) in Hörsholm. Another International School in this area where I live. Christine had done her own collection of donations at her school and we ‘d like to say a big thank you to her, Sylvie and all who contributed at NGG.

Sylvie and Christine


Betty Djordjevska and former Raw food café STUNDEN in Sweden, who organized whole-heartedly her own collection in January.

Rygaards International School, Hellerup

International Children’s Garden, Hellerup 

NGG (Norsjaellands’ Grundskole & Gymnasium), Hörsholm

PERHAPS  YOU have connections at SUNRISE, STEPPING STONES, Österbro International School, Dutch School, French School, German School ? Maybe involve them too ?


– Yvette

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