Transportation : 3900 DKK remains. Can you contribute ?

What a bliss ! Summer has finally arrived in Copenhagen ! Puts a big smile on my face !!!!

ONEITEM is now looking for sponsoring for the transportation of donations.

We aim to deliver the donations in June before school finishes.

We need : 6000 DKK (just had price confirmed by DSV)

We have : 2100 DKK donated kindly recently . 

If you, your friends, your colleagues or your company would like to contribute with the remaining 3900 DKK , or a part of it, please inbox me on :

The Children’s camp is 100 % dependent on donations.

The focus this time is on SCHOOL MATERIALS  and summer outdoor toys. However , we gladly welcome clothes all sizes, any home appliances and furniture that you don’t need anylonger. Please pack clothes and other soft items in plastic bags and label them. Any other items in boxes.  All items we send should be in the condition that you would like to use yourself /your children.

Here are some snapshots from last weeks’ collections.

A BIG THANK YOU to everybody who contributed so far !!!!

Sunny regards,


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