Father Nicolae Tanase

This is Father Nicolae Tanase. He is the man who set up the Children’s Camp in Valea Screzii, as ONEITEM is supporting.

A few words come to my mind when I think about how to describe him .

The first thing is the last thing he said to us when we left in February : Parle la langue de l’amour. Speak the language of love.

He is a man with a heart of gold. In addition : intellectual, humouristic, down-to-earth  and above all caring & humane.

He named the place a “children’s camp” rather than an orphanage , as the word “orphanage” had bad connotations. Just a detail like this says something about him.

What he is doing for the children and the other people living in the small village is amazing. He set it up some twenty years ago, after the Revolution in Romania.

We had a lunch with him in February and he is definitely one of those people I could have sat and listen to and talk to for a whole day. – And come back the next day .

Hope we will see him again in June.

Parle la langue de l’amour.

That’s it.



One thought on “Father Nicolae Tanase

  1. I remember seeing on UK TV (I cannot remember if it was just before, or just after the revolution) a documentary from a Romanian orphanage. I was deeply shocked. Then about 5 years ago, just after my first visit to Bucuresti, Natalie Pinkham did a documentary “Mirela, the lost orphan”, where she returned to Romania to try and find the orphanage she had assisted in during a University holiday.
    Since then she has raised charity money from many people. Last year, a special orphanage was opened by her charity money.
    So, I understand the hard work that Father Tanase must have done.
    I wish I could help.

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