One item takes donations until June 3rd

One item continues to takes donations until June 3rd.

We warmly welcome SCHOOL MATERIALS (paper, pens, erasers, rulers, etc ) for the new school year starting September 2012.

We also warmly welcome : clothes (ALL SIZES, CHILDREN AND ADULTS) , toys and any home appliances and any other things that you don’t need anymore from your household: in good condition. We give donations that you and I would use ourselves in our families.

In Valea Screzii there are also elderly people and women with young children. It’s like a small village. And they are 100 % dependent on donations.

I was there in February and I can say : this is a good place to give to.

I will be at CIS in the mornings this week. If you need to bring your collections to my house instead please inbox me on : for directions.

ONEITEM is also looking for a sponsor to cover the fee for transportation. This will be approximately 5000 DKK (around 500 euros) depending on how much we will collect. Can you , your friends or your company support ONEITEM ? 

Please contact me on :

Have a FAB Sunday !


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