Cogito Ergo Sum

Cogito Ergo Sum means : ” I think therefore I am” .  It was the philosopher Descartes who said this and meant us as humans:  We  think therefore we are (humans) .

I was thinking about this phrase regarding my decision of closing down my Facebook-account. ” I am on Facebook, therefore I am ” : is that how it is, now,  2012 ? I am asking it with a cheeky smile on my face.

I am also stretching it to the world of marketing and brands. If you are visible you “exist” as a brand.

It was interesting to hear your voices from yesterday regarding Facebook, there are all very varied. Let me just high light one thing, for those of you who are in doubt : I don’t judge anyone for wanting to be there. We all must do what is good for us. I just choose not to be there anymore. Instead I am choosing to be in real life a bit more.

So, what about being human ?One big fundament is : having a language with which we can communicate and transfer our culture to our family and next generation.  The word Culture , comes from the Latin word : cultivare which means to cultivate.

So what is it that we cultivate today, and here, when we discuss it , FACEBOOK ? What is Facebook cultivating ? Think about it. What is Facebook for you?

So, what about “I am  on Facebook, therefore I am ” ? Well, I will still continue TO BE even if I will not continue with Facebook. I will be HERE on the blog, on Skype, on my mobile phone, because I like to talk and hear your voice, and of course : on email.

Hope to hear from you !


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