Closing Facebook

I have taken a decision on a question I have been thinking about for a long time.


Should I stay or should I go ? Everybody is there. Will I miss out ? What will I gain to close the account ?

So, after thinking since Christmas I have now decided : I will be closing Facebook in a week’s time. Instead I will be using this blog, Skype, email and the good old telephone.

Why ?  For many reasons.

For example, I don’t appreciate the way Facebook is becoming more and more a tool for commercialism. This  is annoying me. I don’t want to be part of Zuckerbergs money-making machine. I don’t appreciate, for instance , how commercials are being directed to me specifically. When I write a post ” skiing in France” : in a short while there will pop up ads to the right side of my Facebook wall with ads of skiing and France.

I didn’t do any thourough studies on this. My gut feeling tells me this is not right. It’s like being part of Orwell’s “1984″. Big brother actually sees every step we take these days , because we are leaving digital traces. More over : Timeline. Plot in your history from craddle to now and give even more information about yourself to those who want to take advantage of us, consumers. That’s what we are in Facebook:  consumers and we give our information for free.

We are all becoming profiles and personal branding becomes ultra-important. I can live with that. I will create my personal profile and “brand” outside Facebook.

What else ?

Quotes and life-lessons. I have taken a lot of time both producing and liking poems and quotes which are beautiful in themselves. However, I don’t like the side effects it has on me : seeing myself in front of computer ” liking” them. I realized that I’d rather be out in the real world getting inspired by “real ” people out there. Teachers, leaders, real friends, and others.

About FB-friends and friends. FB-friends , many are acquaintances and not real friends. I will focus real friends and I will dedicate my time and loyalty to deepen my friendships with them rather than have 300, 700 or 1000 acquanitance, of out of which 500 are interested in me for a commercial purpose ?

This is how I think and I realize now, 2012, many will think differently. You may think differently. You may say : “yes, but we can meet on Facebook  and use Facebook as a tool to get in contact and then meet in real life”. Yes, I did that too and loved meeting the people. However , I don’t like the way Facebook is consuming more and more of my time. Then maybe somebody says . ” yes, but you can limit your time  on Facebook“. Yes, I tried that too.

It didn’t work.

Instead of “liking” pictures I can take them myself and spread them to my friends, as someone dear to me does.By taking a picture and sending it personally I am using my creativity instead of passively sitting in front of the computer clicking LIKE to a picture someone else made. by sending it personally I will establish a more profound relationship with this person than spreading same picture to 300 people on my Facebook wall.

I would like to go back to the bigger picture. Scandinavia and technocrats.

My mum said this morning :” with the hand written letter there was a lot of added value: somebody choose a paper, took out a pen, found my address, bought a stamp, went to the post office to send it. Then comes the writing in itself : the style of writing could almost reveal the personality of the person”. Well,the core of t his sentence is the quality of of life the action” writing a letter” has.  I will do old-fashioned letters AND emails. I like emails.  I do like to be able to communicate quickly through emails. yes, we must choose what works best for ourselves.

I am seeing how the human touch is being reduced in our society.

Closing Facebook is one of my answer to that :  I don’t want to loose that human touch. I also think about my children and their generation. I hope I , as a parent, can create frames for them so computers can smoothly can go in and out in their lives. I am also thinking about my own generation , as parents. What role models do we show up as, as parents to our children ? What actions do our children see us doing ?  I don’t have precise answers to that, I have many speculations but that’s for another blog post.

So, what is the main benefit , from closing my Facebook account ?


– Yvette

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