ONEITEM May Version is starting in collaboration with CIS

ONEITEM has now started  the May collection of donations to the Romanian children’s champ in Valea Screzii that ONEITEM is supporting.



I will  take your donations from MONDAY 14th of May – 21 st of May. Those of you who are at CIS can just come up to me and we will together bring your donations to my car.  I also take donations at my house. Please inbox  me for directions on :


– SCHOOL MATERIAL for the new school year starting in  September: paper, pens, erasers, rulers, etc

-CLOTHES and SHOES, you can bring your used winter clothes and summer clothes that doesn’t fit anylonger. Sizes : ALL (babies – teenagers)

-TOYS : especially summer outdoor toys, roller blades, bikes, skipping ropes, you name it !

In addition : we take ALL YOU DON’T NEED ANYLONGER  that goes to a household. Some of you are moving overseas as school finishes. – This is the place to support after you’ve Feng-shui’ed your place !!!

Some has already offered us some of their outdoor climbing frame their kids are not using anymore, one is coming with three little IKEA sofas, one came with a coffee machine.  You get the picture ? This place is 100 % dependant on donations.  If for example, you and your own community would like to collect money to support  a year’ s usage of detergants , that’s also a great idea.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding packaging.

We only take things in good condition that YOU would imagine using yourself. This is  a private initiative and extra important that the donations come in good conditions.

We take clothes ONLY in plastic bags, tightened and MARKED WITH SIZE AND BOY/GIRL. 

Other donations may well go into boxes.  However, we like to be able to pack as small as possible as the transportation with the truck  is paid by cubic metres, so we want to keep the cubic metres down.


We are also looking for donations for the truck delivering the donations. Depending on how many cubic metres of donations we manage to collect the amount is approximately 5000 DKK.

I salute you all who participated last time and I invite those of you who liked to create a  moment of meaningfuness for you and your family.

Involve the kids, speak about the value of giving to others. You will be amazed what conversations you will have with them 🙂

Feel free to email me should you have any questions,

2 thoughts on “ONEITEM May Version is starting in collaboration with CIS

  1. …with the help of Rygaards and the Childrens garden. That’s great. Let’s see if the whole international community in Hellerup will participate ? Anyone with connection at Stepping Stones and Sunrise ?

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