After 2 years in Denmark I have surrendered to Netto. Even though that place has nothing to do to the BEAUTY ethos I have  it’s still CHEAPER than most places here and they have surprisingly LOTS of organic (imagine, we label “normal” food something now) food there. I was POSITIVELY surprised by this. Something else struck me. Yesterday I spoke with Delia Burnham in Bucharest, and she spoke about natural surroundings and , for example, how the human body was MADE TO DRINK WATER. – And perhaps other NATURAL drinks ? Squeezed oranges. par example ?
Today I checked the drinks shelves at Netto and see drinks in all colours of the rainbow , filled with E-numbers.
Honestly, why don’t we have more restrictions on food and drinks? Those green-yellow-blue things that are called drinks are just simply not made for our human bodies !!! Or even better, why don’t we all just STOP BUYING those things that are in the food store but , honestly, shouldn’t be labelled as food /drink ? Mihai Panaitescu Thanks for reminding me at Starbucks about things ;-)))) I stopped from one day to the other.HURRAY for REAL FOOD !!! Take a moment when you are at the shop and decide for yourself…:-)))
Pictures from market in Bucharest last week and friends’ place.

Think about it : we are so meticulous what fuel we put in our car, why not with our own bodies too?

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