Responsibility, Self-Leadership and Initiative after Communism


There is one question that keep coming back to me over and over again. Perhaps those of you who are Romanians can help me answer this one :

-How could responsibility, self-leadership and initiative get a place in your life after communism fell ?  And how is it working as of today ?  I ‘m directly assuming : in most cases : no. However, I’d like to hear from more Romanians.

Extract from the book.

My parents were complaining about having schnizel for dinner every evening, at the Dacia hotel in Mamaia, but we were lucky to have meat every evening: the Romanians had it four times per year : for Christmas, Easter, the national Day and on the birthday of their Communist President and Dictator Ceauşescu..

 The president wanted to save money in order to quickly pay back his debt to abroad. -Which he also did. But his people were suffering. At the same time he built the second largest civilian building in the world, now know as the Peoples’ Palace , and where now the Romanian Parliament strangely enough has office. The Palace is impressive and oppressive at the same time. In Romanian it’s called  Casa Poporului,
He was colouring his world in gold, marble and mahogany while his people were suffering, often far away from all human rights. They were bunched as heard of sheep, collectively having to support the Presidents’ megalomania.
This was the world Mihai grew up in as a child and teenager. This was a world he wanted to escape from and now came back to.

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