My book A Window to My Soul is soon finished !!! Here is a short passage from it about hospitality and giving to others.

An early trait in Mihai was his generosity. He was often sending me gifts for my birthdays and was very gentlemanly. I was impressed by his kindness; him giving so much, having in mind it was not an easy life for him in Romania, economically speaking. His kindness was omni-present and like a balm to the soul. 

 Where did he get it from ? 

 The answer is simple : his family and his community. 

 A community and people who were so constrained by their President!  Even in times like these people never forgot to give. – Or perhaps it is : in times like that it became even more important to give to others and be solidary with each other ?  Romanians are in general a very giving people. When going to see someone you always bring a gift. If it’s someone special, you give a significant gift. 

 My mum pointed out the act of giving already when we came back from Romania in 1985. A day after we came home to Sweden somebody did something very egoistic in front of her eyes and she said to me “That’s not how they would do it in Romania, in Romania people were kind and giving even though they had little”.


Think about it .

2 thoughts on “Hospitality

  1. This is an excellent reminder to us all to be kind to one another despite our circumstances. I am very much looking forward to reading the final book!

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