Nearly Finished Writing A Window to My Soul : About Trust

This is Elena and Andreea. I met Andreea in the air plane on the way back home from Bucharest, Romania yesterday. We talked. Thought she was really upbeat and nicely talkative. She had a 24 hours stop over in Copenhagen and I invited her for lunch.  I want to connect it with something I wrote in the book A Window to My Soul this week. Tell me, what is your take on this ?

When it comes to trust many Romanians grew up witnessing that the world around them is one not to be trusted. Only family was, and to some extent still is today, to be trusted.  The government created a population of mistrusting people. This mistrust came directly from the leader himself as he and his government were not to be trusted. The Militia , the  Police was controlling people. Anytime they could come up and ask for identification papers, check were you worked. They could come and check if you held animals at home for eating purposes. If you had two pigs they d take one.

Securitate was the political Police, If they came to pick you up, you could be 99% sure you would not come back for the next ten years. They wore plain clothes and would come in the middle of the night, put black metal glasses on you and take you from your home. Not even the Militia would know where to.

 I grew up seeing, time and time again, that I can trust the world around me. I could trust people, and in the eighties we even trusted the government to take care of us. Scandinavia is still a place on earth were trust is high. When someone says he will come by my house at 8 pm, he will be there at 7:50 pm. There is a big expectancy that people do what they say they shall do.  We also believe that most people around us are good until proven wrong. We don’t have the initial suspiciousness that exist in Romania, not to trust anyone.  We don’t cheat either, are law-abiding and follow rules. Why? Because we have seen that the system works. Saying this Scandinavians don’t turn to the barricades and protest that often. We can also be seen as a bit naive and not very street -smart. 

From : A Window to My Soul 

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