Human Interaction

Something to think about in our computerized world : Being with people you love, lets say, share a meal together, releases oxytocin in your body. Oxytocin calms you down, it makes you feel good. It’s the “cuddle” hormone in the body. Feelgood hormone.

Writing a post on Facebook creates dopamine in your body. That is  adrenaline, that gives you a rush and/or stress. It’s the same as with any kind of addiction actually.

Check out : “Scientists have proven that one physiological reason we constantly check emails or social networks  is that when we find something interesting or something that challenges us to respond, our brains release a burst of dopamine.  Overtime, we become hooked on this stimulus and that can cause a cavalcade of negative consequences, from fractured attention spans to compulsive glancing at mobile devices, even while driving in heavy traffic.” From Dennis Ryan, Brands are Opinions.

What I would like to say is : The human connection is unbeatable:  a meeting where you can look the other person other in the eye and even touch each and hear  each other’s voices.  That is something I hope will continue to be prioritized. Challange is omni-present. In Scandinavia we deal with a lot of things through technology. I have the feeling we are even calling each other less often these days, but instead emailing, fb-ing or smsing each other.  I miss phone calls.

I just watch us, citizens of the world 2012 , getting more and more into smart phones and computers but I hope, we can remind ourselves,  every now and again, when necessary, that the human interaction is the most valuable.

Below are my friends and I two years ago. We known each other for 30 years.

2 thoughts on “Human Interaction

  1. I am almost jealous here… My friends are far away, back in Romania. But I find them every time I go there, as good friends as always, after so many years, in spite of the distance and differences. And I thank you for this, it touched my soul, made me realised what I have rather than I don’t.

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