Last Saturday I went to the local church with a relative of Mihais’. It was early in the morning, 7 am, it was freezing cold, and people were going to church this morning for the memory of their lost ones and at the same time:  a possibility to give attention to the ones in poverty. A special cake were baked the night before and people came with baskets of food to give away.

When we arrived we could hear the priest singing already outside. The atmosphere was wonderful. Serene. For me : almost magical. Inside, the church was packed with people.

87% of Romanians are orthodox but there are also  Catholics, Protestants, Lutherans, Muslims and all of them have have their own churches. The churches I went to were the  orthodox ones.

I was so impressed and inspired to see how a people, who have had , and still has, lots of struggle to manage every day life , due to low incomes and other challanges Romanian life give, is still so ready to give and help others.

It was great to see how church unites them, young and old, and how vivid and alive the activities are there. During communism certain people, i.e. military personel, militia, communist activists, people from communist structure with medium and high position were not allowed to go to church.

Here are some pictures from the beautiful Bucharest churches.

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