Donations have arrived safely in Valea Screzii. We had a good day.

A bit of adventure in the morning due to lots of snow, but  other than that the day was very fulfilling.

We started at 5 am in the morning from Bucharest and came up to Valea Screzii a few hours later.

In Valenii de Munte  we needed to unload the big truck that had brought the donations from Denmark to Romania. The road up to Valea Screzii, where the childrens’ camp is situated, was too snowy and roads were not cleared.

Almost there. Beautiful surroundings.

The road up to the village where the camp was. Helps arrives and truck is being towed  finally.

The small road from the main road up to the village…and we got stuck for 2, 5 hrs. Our car AND the small truck had to be towed.

This is were the ONEITEM collection of donations started.

My friend seeing on Romanian TV how the main building at the camp had burnt down and saying to me we should help. He thought of the idea of asking each Facebook friend for ONE ITEM. I would have 600 items if all my Facebook-friends would participate. Well, it grew. I posted a gentle request around Christmas time on my childrens’ schools’ Facebook page and the response was amazing.

The Copenhagen International School is a great community who helped and supported ONEITEM in many ways : collected clothes, toys and school material for the children at Valea Screzii. I also had many women from school helping me sorting the clothes and loading the truck.

Big thank you to all !

During the Christmas holiday my dear friend Betty Djordjievska in Malmö, raw food specialist and with her own Cafe Stunden ( which she sold now and starting new , exciting things) called and said she wants to help to. Betty organized a collection at her restaurant and managed to engage lots of people in Malmö too.

TACK så mycket alla svenska vänner !

And now, the most important part : handing over the donations to the camp and meeting the children and people working there.

REMEMBER : this is a place that is 100 % dependent on donations. Throughout the year.  We will continue to help. I just have to think about in which way. Now I’ve seen the place and know the needs.

Above : One of the houses where the children live.  Below : Some of the construction material to rebuilt the main building that burnt during christmas

This is where they eat now while waiting for a new food hall to be built.

Amazing kids. The youngest ones. Doing homework, writing, with their teacher. The smile of a child. Their laughter. Warms my heart to see their happy faces.

The director of the camp and a teacher

The youngest ones bedrooms.

This boy had two treasures in his hand that he wanted to show me. Pure joy !

HAPPINESS !!! Going on the sledge :-))))

Just outside opposite of the houses. Great surroundings.

Having lunch with Father Nicolae Tanase. What an amazing man. Very down to earth and at the same time very intellectual, with the heart at the right place. I could listen and talk for hours with him. He set up the camp.


Our day at Valea Screzii is over and on our way back to Bucharest we get those wonderful eggs, sold alongside the road.

Oh, food, lovely food. Please can my children, as they grow up have pure, natural food…

I want to finish with something that the priest say : parle la langue de l’amour. Speak the language of love.

That’s it !

3 thoughts on “DONATIONS ARRIVED !!!

  1. Yvette, your documentation makes it even more worth while ! I will show this to my kids and have them choose items to send- and make them part of this as well. You are doing a wonderful thing ! And I’m delighted to be in a community of people that care so much 🙂
    Our collections have been going on for some time in our home- will drop off next week. Thank you ! Noreen.

    1. Noreen, GREAT ! That’s exactly what I am hoping for. Yes, whu not ask them to give ONEITEM 🙂 They can write messages also. Last time I had a few parents doing this with their children. Some kids were sending drawings that I gave when I arrived. I have a lot of plans to grow ONEITEM in the future. Thanks for your support. Love, Yvette

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