What is doable

I have to share an extract from a newsletter today :

I recently erased many of the newsletters that I felt were spaming my inbox. However a few I kept. The one fromBooks & Company – International Book Cafe with Isabella Mousavizadeh Smith leading the way I had to keep.

This is an extract from todays’ newsletter.

Think it goes hand in hand with ONEITEM :


” Charity starts at home, they say, and here they were, demonstrating that in extreme situations – be it the cold, the heat, the drought, the poverty – the most important thing is to try to help out in SOME way, ANY way that seems doable within the confines of the busy lives we all lead.


I love THAT. Sometimes, only thing needed, here in the  busy western hemisphere , is for us to PAUSE.

Pause & Think

Pause & ACT.



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