Second Malmö Contribution

Torkild Sköld is the teacher of a group of students studying Management. This group did a collection of donations in favour for kids in Ukraine before Christmas. They called it : “Varje barn är unikt”. ” Every Child is Unique” . They got so many donations they couldn’t bring them all.

ONEITEM was kindly offered  donations from their collection of items. MANY MANY thanks. I love it how ONEITEM grew and I’m thankful for all the kind and giving people that came on my way. You are ALL doing something MEANINGFUL  !!!!!

Here is the Malmö team :

Caroline Stewart, Rebecca Håkansson, Therese Eriksson och Annie Larsson.

Thank You  for GIVING the donations and thanks a lot for helping us load the cars Saturday.

Another great contributor to ONEITEM is wonderful Anne.

Anne at Cafe Stunden, Malmö, enjoy an 100 % organic, pure and fresh pizza made by Predrag. Cafe Stunden  was the place where ONEITEM collected donations a couple of weeks’ ago with Betty Djordijevska taking the lead.

Anne was helping again amazingly. Lending her weekend time , first of all, and also lending her two big cars to transport the donations over to Copenhagen.  My greatest acknowledgement to you, Anne !!!

Our kids joined and have been part of this too .

Here Erik and Camille, together with Caroline.

Shortly  the donations will be loaded on a truck and transported to Romania.

Warm regards,


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